About Us

The Source...our story

Where should we begin?  Being true to the music, keeping it simple, honest and creative, that is what The Source Band delivers with their approach to music. 

     The Source Band has held its original members together as a group for twenty three years, playing to clubs, festivals and Casinos. .They play music with the respect to honor those that have dedicated their heart and soul to entertaining others.

Jeff Geiser sits upon the drum riser keeping steady beats for the last 35 plus years.

For 34 plus years Mike Chlopkowaik has been putting on the groove playing up and down the bass.

Ed Woodruff is the lead songwriter/guitarist and vocalist that has been using up recording tapes(cds) for over 35 years.

Add all this experience and love for music together and what do you get???

The new alternative music of The Source Band.